Choose the sizes that fit your family's appetite, and mix and match from our simple, adventurous, and vegetarian menus


All meals delivered to your door Sunday by 9pm.   Delivery fee is $6.99 per household per week (if you order multiple meal packages the delivery costs do not go up) with a no tipping policy.

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4 small meals per week for 2 weeks

$5.49 per meal

Small meals are designed for kids 5-12 and teens with light appetites (@400-550 calories)

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4 large meals per week for 2 weeks

$8.99 per meal

Large meals are designed for hungry middle schoolers, high schoolers, and adults (@550-700 calories)

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4 snacks per week for 2 weeks

$2.49 per snack.  Choose your snacks from our delicious options!

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One Pre-Made Dinner Dish (32 oz) per week for 2 weeks

Every week we feature two options of our most popular, nutrient-dense, organic and delicious foods that can serve as a convenient ready-made side or main course. At under $8.99 per pound it's a great value!

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