GreenKrate's goal is to prepare and deliver the best family lunches possible

Why are GreenKrate lunches the best?  

  • Best nutrition: Chef created and nutrition designed meals are full of the right nutrients for a balanced diet
  • Best ingredients: Top quality ingredients, always fresh, and organic whenever possible.  No processed foods.  
  • Best for the planet: We source from organic, local, sustainable farms whenever possible, to minimize the carbon footprint of the food and to support local agriculture
  • Best for developing healthy eaters: With our variety of options, we aim to help develop more adventurous taste buds.  Consider starting off with the crowd pleaser substitutions and moving up to simple, and then the adventurous menu


The cost of good food

We know that good food can be expensive.  

Almost every parent tells us they make every effort to reduce the costs of the lunch they send their kids with to school. So we did some research to figure out: What does a typical homemade lunch really cost?  

Customers tell us they typically spend:

  • $3-$6 per lunch each day, and more for older kids and adults

  • Plus $2-$4 per lunch in food that goes bad

  • For a total of $5-$10 per lunch, and often more for athletes & adults

Our lunch packages are designed to help level-up your lunches with amazing all-natural sustainably sourced ingredients, de-stress your mornings with our ready-to-go well-balanced meals, and deliver great value when it comes to savings on food costs, shopping time, preparation time, and food waste.

Try us for 2-3 weeks to feel the sustained physical and mental energy that comes with our evidence-based approach to nutrition