Frequently Asked Questions


"How does it work?"

Order online and choose the lunch package/s that fits your family's needs.  A link to make menu selections is provided in the order confirmation email sent upon checkout.  Our skilled culinary team prepares and packs the meals for delivery fresh to your doorstep on Sunday evenings.   Simply put the meals in the fridge and they're ready to grab-and-go each morning!

"When will I receive deliveries?"

Meals are delivered to your doorstep on Sunday prior to 9pm

"How do I select my meals?"

A link to make menu selections is provided in the order confirmation email sent when you checkout.  If you've ordered meals for a child, it often works well to involve them in the meal selection process with you, or let them choose the meals themselves! All of our meals including the substitution options are balanced and healthy.

"Can you deliver to schools?"

Yes!  Our lunches are carefully planned and designed to provide appropriate portions of all-natural, unprocessed nutrients kids and adults need for sustained physical and mental energy to power the day. We're in discussions to bring our service to several private schools in the Seattle area.  If your school is interested in trying our lunch service please contact us at    

We currently do not offer a delivery service to public schools because we don't want to pursue taking on the school district's lunch contract.   We would be interested in delivering to public schools as a private lunch delivery service, independent of the school lunch contract.   

"Do you deliver on school holidays?"

We often do! Many customers want deliveries during school breaks unless they're out of town. You may pause or cancel deliveries by emailing us at or by letting us know when you make your meal selections.

"How do I cancel my order?" 

If you want to cancel your order for any reason, please email us at

"What about the equality of school lunches?" 

We work hard to keep our prices as low as they can be without sacrificing quality and we know that our lunches are not affordable for everyone.  High quality, organically grown, locally sourced, sustainably produced and humanely raised ingredients are much more expensive than the ingredients typically used for traditional school lunches. Our approach to ingredient sourcing and menu planning is designed to make a tangible difference in the health & wellness of our customers, and it does! Our focus on supporting local, sustainable food producers also costs more but it's better for our customers and for our environment. And fresh, handmade meals by our talented culinary team helps make our meals delicious & appealing, yet also adds to costs.

The National School Lunch Program provides an affordable option to all public school kids, which is a critical national service.  Unfortunately, a combination of an extremely low cost mandate and other requirements leads to lunches with significant room for improvement. Many parents and kids that we talked to before starting this service used the words "disgusting" or "gross" to describe their school-provided lunch.  It's not the fault of the schools though.  The issues with the National School Lunch Program is symptomatic of our industrial food system, which is designed to provide high yield, low cost food regardless of the quality or environmental impact.  

We would like to believe the National School Lunch Program could provide nutritious, delicious school lunches for everyone in the United States.  Unfortunately, it's not currently doing that so we decided to offer something better.  It is our hope that by providing higher quality food, we can give kids the nutrition they need while also prompting schools to increase investment in their lunch programs.  

We offer a variety of packages at different price points to fit various budgets. We know that our prices are not affordable to everyone.  If you would like to become a customer of GreenKrate but cannot afford the listed prices, please message us at  We will try to work out an arrangement and are open to lowering our prices for those who need it.