Healthy lunches the whole family will love.

With GreenKrate you get: 

Top-quality ingredients - organic, sustainable, and humanely raised.

A completely nut-free menu with your family in mind. 

Vegetarian options available daily.

A nutritionist in the fridge.

Convenient home delivery.

Stress-free mornings! Just grab your GreenKrate meal and go.


Pick from a variety of healthy, delicious options.


My daughter is loving these lunches and I am so happy! She is a *very* picky eater, so this is amazing! Good job!! :-)
— Eastside Mom
This is a huge weight off my shoulders in the morning rush, I just put a GreenKrate lunch into my son’s case, some milk and he’s good to go!
— Issaquah Mom


Healthy lunches the whole family will love